2015, #3 … Foggy Mountain Morning

“Foggy Mountain Morning”
Phase One DF with IQ180 back, Phase One 75-150mm lens at 115mm, 0.6 secs at f/16, iso 35

Fog shrouded golden aspen trees in the fall have always been one of my favorite visual images.  The contrast of moodiness and mystery against warm and vibrant golds just seems  so relaxing and peaceful. I’ve never really thought about creating a “style” with my work, but it seems I have migrated to one according to a few including a recent acquantaince who is an art curator and is helping me write a short bio.  After looking at my work she offered the following

“Stylistically, his practice focuses on the pristine and untouched landscape as subject matter.
As a collective body, his photographs capture meditative, quiet zone,
free from the constant buzz of technological interruption.”

I found that interesting and after reading it I went back through my portfolio and realized this is perhaps my “style”.  Non-intentional, but there are many images I do which just sit on my hard drive because they don’t stir me or motivate me to work on them.  I’m not sure whether that is good or bad, and certainly may be a hindrance if I really needed to focus on earning a sustantial income from my work, but since I really only shoot to satisfy myself I’ve sort of migrated towards this.

This particular morning I was headed from Gunnison, Colorado over toward Marble, and ran into some pretty foggy weather.  While we were in a little bit of a hurry, it was just too wonderful to pass up, so we made a 45 minute stop.  The fog was constantly changing, and for a short while we were stuck in some pretty heavy rain, but the resulting image to me is pretty satisfying.

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