2015 continued

150116_DeadHorse-007232-Pano-PS_blog”Dead Horse Point”


I made a couple of trips to Moab last year.  It’s a short trip, and a couple of the overlooks are worth visiting many times.  The first trip was in January, and my goal was to get the water in the Colorado River to look a little clearer than it does in spring and summer from Dead Horse Point.  I assumed once the spring runoff ended in the Colorado Rockies the river would clear up a little.  Apparently I’m wrong, because it’s about as murky as any other time of the year.  When I shoot in places like Horseshoe Bend and even the Grand Canyon the water is clearer.  I guess Lake Powell catches all the sediment.  Not sure if it ever gets any better here in the Moab area.

I usually try a shot with this little tree which has been photographed by thousands of photographers over the past several decades. I rarely end up finishing one of them, I suppose it’s because it is over photographed. This shot however, with the soft clouds and sort of muted colors seemed to fit an unusual square compostiion … most images from this location are long pano’s, so it’s sort of a unique image of the little tree.

It turned out nice, but I’ll keep going back.  Someday I’ll get the conditions I’m looking for to capture the feelings of this amazing canyon.

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