2015 year in review – Lower Antelope Canyon

Beam Me UpA shaft of light through Angel’s Arch in Lower Antelope Canyon


Slot canyons are remarkable, whether you are photographing them or just to visit.  The “grand daddy” of them all are the two Antelope’s … Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons near Page, Arizona.  I made a trip there a few years ago, and last year visited again.

It’s hard to not get a good picture if you have the right equipment, and some basic knowledge.  The possible compositions are endless as you wind through the wind and water sculpted walls of these amazing canyons.  The light drifts in from an opening above which is often only a foot or two wide, and filters down through the orange sandstone, bouncing around and get dimmer as it nears the bottom. Occasionally an angle allows the direct sun to penetrate all the way to the bottom … and if you throw up some sand you can highlight the beam of light.

Here are a couple of more images from this trip.

Lower Antelope #2

Twisted Canyon

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