2015 … No Top 10 this year

150321_GrandCyn-007665_ff-Pano_blog“Moran Point, Grand Canyon”
(click to see a larger version)

2015 was a challenging time for me, and shooting wasn’t a real priority most of the year.  I did get out a few times before my wife went into the hospital, but trips were short and not too productive.  I didn’t take a single image the last 5 months of the year, so no fall pictures this year.

In reviewing my work for the year, I don’t feel I have enough top tier captures to do a top 10 this year, so instead I’m just going to post some of the things I shot last year.  Most are OK, and a couple I really like.  I don’t know how many I’ll end up with, I guess I’ll throw up one every few days and see how many I end up with.  Fortunately there were one or two I liked enough to call them my favorite of  last year, so as usual I’ll save the best for last.

This image was an early morning image captured at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. While spectacular to visit, the Grand Canyon can be challenging to photograph.  Its a real challenge to capture the overwhelming majesty and grandeur, and unfortunately little web size images don’t really do the final image justice.  This was taken a few minutes before the sun actually came up, so the light has some nice direction to it, but no harsh shadows from direct sunlight.  Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon for sunrise is something I highly recommend if you ever get the chance.

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