About me …

I bought my first SLR, a Mamiya-Sekor in 1972. I was hooked, and for the next few years shot and processed hundreds of rolls of film, much of it black and white.  In 1975, my wife arranged for me to shoot a friends wedding, and my career was set. I’ve always done most of my own printing, starting with a slide projector I converted to an enlarger to print small black and white prints, to a “tube” processor that held one sheet of color paper and floated in a water bath, turning to allow the chemicals to keep it processing but needing only a few ounce per print, to a full commercial color lab that in the late 90’s printed over 1,000 575′ long rolls of Kodak photo paper a week, and finally to digital imaging where I’ve been working with Photoshop and inkjet printers since 2000, first with an Iris type drum printer, followed by an Epson 9600.

I “retired” in 2006, but I enjoy the technical side of photography and being involved,  so  in 2010 I purchased 50% ownership in a local camera store in Sandy, Utah  (Pixels Foto and Frame, a link is at the bottom of each page). So now I get to play with many of the new cameras and printers, as well as stay involved in printing.  At Pixels we sell cameras and all related equipment, offer training in software and techniques, have a full service photo lab with both photographic and inkjet products,  and also have high quality image presentation department including all types of framing and matting services.

While I spent my professional career doing portrait photography, my main passion now is landscape and nature photography.  I’m constantly in search of the finest quality in my images, and my goal is always really large prints (24 x 30 seems small to me).  Because of this I use mainly medium format cameras, Phase One or Alpa, and the highest resolution digital backs available, which currently is the PhaseOne p65+ (a 59mp back),.

I enjoy writing, and the main reason I started a blog several years ago was to improve those skills (I’m not sure if I succeeded but I’m still having fun trying). This new blog is more “blog” like so I hope to post more frequently and less involved information.

Artist’s Statement

Many photographers sites have an artist statement on them, and I’ve thought long and hard about one. I’ve written several, but in the end it really amounts to something quite simple.

When you view my images, I want you to see what I saw, and more importantly feel what I felt when I created that image.