Bellagio with the Sony a7r and Leica Elmar 24mm

140302_Bellagio-3019_blog “Dancing Water”
Sony a74 with Leica Elmar 24mm
⅛th second at f/8, ISO 800

I’ve been playing a little more with my Sony a7r.  My biggest challenge is deciding what glass to use.  This has become somewhat problematic since I can use anything made for a Nikon, Canon, Sony or Leica (those are the brands of lenses I have in my camera closet), as well almost every other 35mm lens ever made.  Add to that the new Sony 55 Zeiss, the new 24-70 and 70-200 Sony has designed for this system – what to do.

I was heading to WPPI in Vegas to check on what’s new in the wedding and portrait photography world (nothing much), and I decided to bring along my Sony.  My first thought was to bring my  Nikon/Zeiss primes, but realized how heavy they are.  I was looking for small and light … while terrific lenses, the weight made them a no go.

I decided to grab a couple of Leica lenses.  As far as quality vs weight, my Leica lenses are perfect.  As a landscape shooter I tend to avoid the fast Leica glass.  The faster the glass the heavier the lens, and I just never shoot at anything other than about f/8 to f/11, so I don’t need a Summimicron (f/2), or a Summilux (f/1.4).  The lowly Elmars (f/3.8) are fast enough, and they are smaller and lighter than the faster lenses.  I have the 24mm Elmar, and I also have the Tri-Elmar 28-35-50 which is no longer made but really is a nice handy lens.  It’s as close as Leica comes to making a zoom lens.

While in Vegas walking around I tried a few shots of the water show in front of the Bellagio.  I’ve shot this a few times just for fun with a few different cameras including my medium format backs.  It’s a little bit of a tough shot because usually the detail in the bell tower blows out if you keep detail in the darker parts of the scene.  The Sony sensor handled it very well.  I may indeed use the Leica lenses for my wide angle shots.  I’ll have to test them in more evenly lit conditions to see how they hold up – I’m seeing some lens cast problems, (notice the magenta cast to the water on one side and the slight green cast on the other).  I’ll have to shoot a Lens Cast Calibration image and use it to see if it’s practical to use this lens.

As far as detail it may be the perfect combination,  as long as Capture One or Lightroom can correct the lens cast issue effectively.

Here’s a section at 100% showing the detail in the bell tower.  Not bad.


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