Best of 2013, number 7

False_Kiva_Pano_v1_blog“False Kiva”
Arca Swiss rm3di, PhaseOne IQ180 back, Rodenstock 40mm HR
1/30th sec at f/22, iso 35, 5 shot stitch

I have seen many images of this place and I’ve never seen one which didn’t inspire some quiet reflection regarding the history and somewhat sacred feeling one gets from this view.  I’ve always wanted to check it out for myself and try to get a good image, so this year I headed there with my good friend Randy Collier.  The trail there isn’t too well marked but after studying a few resources online we headed out and managed to find it without much problem.  Considering it’s a pretty iconic location, only three others were there that evening so it was peaceful and quiet.  After experiencing it in person, I will say that the magnificence of the scene and the thoughts that come to mind regarding it’s past is something that cannot be captured. Sitting there quietly eating a sandwich and waiting for the light to develop was a wonderful experience.

It’s a pretty challenging shot, and there are a several possible compositions.  I chose this version with the heavy and darker right side which allows the light to have a nice flow from the top right to the kiva itself, almost spotlighting it.  I tried a version cropping more of the right off, but decided the large cliff face added to the perspective, as your mind compares it’s shape and size to those in the distance.

This is the first series I took I took of several as the light changed, and although the lighting became softer and maybe a little better later that evening, the clouds became denser and the sky less interesting.  I would love to capture this image with even a better sky later in the evening.  Hiking back in the dark might be a little challenging … at my age and condition I’d have to think about that.

Here’s a different crop which shows the entire opening.  I like it as well, but again my attraction for panos had me pick it for inclusion in the list. I think if the entire sky had been more interesting this crop may have been the better one.


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