Canon Gear for sale

I’m trying to pare down my current gear collection.  While I’ve always been a “canon” shooter, I’ve realized the past few years I’ve never taken the Canon gear and used it seriously for anything other than some portraits of the grandkids, something which I could do with my Nikon or NEX systems.  So all my Canon Gear is for sale.

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105 f/4 L lens.

My Canon 5D Mark 2 is low mileage (those familiar with me know I shoot mainly medium format and rarely use the dSLR).  I’m selling it with the 24-105 lens.  Includes 1 extra battery.  $1795.


Canon 90mm T/S lens.  Somewhat hard to find, the ability to tilt/shift allows correct vertical lines and other issues.  $800

CAnon 100mm Macro lens.  This lens is a few years old, but has seen very little usage.  Version 1.  $400.

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L.  Original version.  very sharp lens, fast for a zoom.  This lens new is Around $2400, will sell for $1400.

Original Canon 1.4x extender.  I’ve had great success with this extender, very sharp.  This is version 1.  $200.

Original Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L lens version 1.  Very little usage since it was checked and recalibrated by Canon. $950


Other Canon gear for sale, no pictures yet.

Canon 70-300 DO f/4-5.6 L  This lens is half the size of the normal 70-200, is much lighter and is very sharp.  Currently at Canon for cleaning/recalibration.  $780

Canon 24mm T/S lens … a great landscape lens.  Those trees don’t have to lean to the middle 🙂  version 1, $975

Canon 400DO f/4.  If you want a great telephoto lens and are thinking of the 500mm lens, you may want to consider this.  Much smaller and lighter, sharp and easy to work with.  $4200.00

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