The Orton Effect – the Wayne Fox method

The Orton Effect - the Wayne Fox method

(Clicking on any image in this article will offer a much larger version. Additionally reducing the size and resolution of images for the web affects the quality of the final effect.  I encourage you to try this on your own images to appreciate the results) The Orton Effect is named after it’s creator, Michael Orton, […]

PSB files and Lightroom … a workaround.

PSB files and Lightroom ... a workaround.

“The Subway” Arca Swiss Rm3di with Phase One IQ180 back and Rodenstock 40mm HR lens, 7 seconds at f/16, iso 35 Two shot stitch by shifting back 12mm each direction, back is horizontal Recently I was able to make the hike into one of the most iconic locations in my home state of Utah, the Subway in […]

A twist on Lightrooms automask feature of the adjustment brush.

A twist on Lightrooms automask feature of the adjustment brush.

A little different twist on the automask feature of the adjustment brush in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw … more like using a masking tool in Photoshop.  Doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s quick and easy.

Online images – 500px, 1x, and Pixoto

Most photographers like to post their work online, and at some point in time, many begin looking for something better than “Flickr”.  Pinterest has received a lot of attention, but the problem with Pinterest is they are about everything, and photography is just a small part of what they offer.  It’s hard to not get […]

Neutral “whites”

Neutral "whites"

  There really isn’t “white” in most photographs.  Areas of white are actually areas of gray, the value based on how much light they receive.  These gray tones should usually be pretty close to neutral, but often they have a color bias. Sometimes the bias is too strong and it needs toned down, or even […]

Facebook fan pages … why don’t I see their updates?

Facebook fan pages ... why don't I see their updates?

  Facebook has become sort of a norm for many people.  Some seem to spend far too much time, most just post some interesting things about themselves or that they see, some just hang out there and don’t post anything.  Others like myself try to use Facebook to follow things they like.  This originally was […]

Solar Eclipse May 20th

Solar Eclipse May 20th

We’ve been asked by several customers if Pixels was planning a workshop for the solar eclipse on May 20th.  After some discussion we decided not to try and put one together.  This is such a unique event which none of us have any experience in and it’s just a little too far away to take […]

Protecting your images with Digimarc.

Protecting your images with Digimarc.

Images on the website have been digitally watermarked with ownership and usage information. Digimarc and the Digimarc logo are registered trademarks of Digimarc Corporation. The “Digimarc-Enabled” Web Button is a trademark of Digimarc Corporation, used with permission. As long ago as Photoshop version 5.5 (and maybe earlier, I don’t recall) a filter choice was available […]

Digital vs. film …

Digital vs. film ...

Sometimes I see photographers claiming film is superior to digital capture when producing fine photographs. Unfortunately those making these claims are either ignorant of the science of both technologies, or do so in an effort to position their work as superior.  In fact great photographs can be created with either technology, and neither are “superior”. […]

New Galleries at Zenfolio

New Galleries at Zenfolio

For the past year or so I’ve been experimenting with a service to host my gallery.  I researched several of them, and decided to try Photoshelter.  The main attraction for me was the tight integration to my Graph Paper Press themed WordPress blog.  Click a button, and Photoshelter will load all the elements of a […]

What I found behind me …

Those who have followed by blog might remember “Hey … turn around!”.  Like most I forget to look behind me often, despite my bringing it up all the time.  In an attempt to liven up my blog a little bit (and make it worth checking into more often), when ever I come across this circumstance […]

Are you ready to graduate from the Rule of Thirds?

Are you ready to graduate from the Rule of Thirds?

It might sound odd for a long time photographer to say this, but I’ve never paid attention to the rule of thirds. The reason is pretty simple… when I was just beginning to learn about photography I took a college course on graphic design which introduced me to many theories about composition by studying historical […]

Hey … turn around !

Hey ... turn around !

  A long time ago I either heard or read an adage which I’m sure is a staple of most landscape, nature, and wildlife photographers. Basically, the advice is pretty simple … as you wander about looking for good opportunities, don’t forget to look where you just came from. When you are out exploring for […]

Epson printers and Lion (and Leopard and Snow Leopard).

Epson printers and Lion (and Leopard and Snow Leopard).

This is an old problem that is surfacing to sting a few using Epson printers and Macs.  If you upgraded to Leopard and Snow Leopard, Lion shouldn’t present any problems at all, however, if you just decide to upgrade to Lion you might be having issues which most worked through some time ago. When Snow […]