2015 year in review – Lower Antelope Canyon

2015 year in review - Lower Antelope Canyon

A shaft of light through Angel’s Arch in Lower Antelope Canyon   Slot canyons are remarkable, whether you are photographing them or just to visit.  The “grand daddy” of them all are the two Antelope’s … Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons near Page, Arizona.  I made a trip there a few years ago, and last […]

2015 – Grand View Overlook

2015 - Grand View Overlook

”A Grand View”   Moab, Utah is one of my favorite places to visit.  The vistas there are beyond spectacular, and you can easily hike along the edge of the canyon to get different views and get away from the other visitors.    My three favorite overlooks are Dead Horse Point (actually a Utah State Park […]

2015 – Kauai Rudraksha Trees

2015 - Kauai Rudraksha Trees

A local designer asked me to put up some images in a home that was part of a home show.  One of the images was of the Rudraksha trees I took in Kauai a couple of years ago.  On an adjacent wall she wanted a grouping of 3 30×30″ pieces.  I was headed to Kauai […]

2015 – Waimea Pier

2015 - Waimea Pier

  Kauai is my favorite island to photographic in Hawaii.  I try to get there every couple of years, and last May spent a week there with my wife and some friends.  This little pier is sort of out of the way, but we’ve headed over there a couple of times to try and get […]

2015 continued

2015 continued

”Dead Horse Point”   I made a couple of trips to Moab last year.  It’s a short trip, and a couple of the overlooks are worth visiting many times.  The first trip was in January, and my goal was to get the water in the Colorado River to look a little clearer than it does in […]

2015 … No Top 10 this year

2015 ... No Top 10 this year

“Moran Point, Grand Canyon” (click to see a larger version) 2015 was a challenging time for me, and shooting wasn’t a real priority most of the year.  I did get out a few times before my wife went into the hospital, but trips were short and not too productive.  I didn’t take a single image […]

“Secret Falls”, my favorite image from 2014

"Secret Falls", my favorite image from 2014

My favorite image from last year, and indeed one of my favorite images I’ve ever done is this one from Metlako Falls in Oregon. Unlike some of my past #1 choices, there really isn’t any special details or background about the image … I didn’t plan it in advance and try to time it, I didn’t travel 800 miles just to get this shot

The Subway, #2 of 2014

The Subway, #2 of 2014

“The Subway” Arca Swiss Rm3di with Rodenstock 40mm HR-w lens, 8 seconds at f/11, iso 35 (2 shot stitch) Most landscape photographers have a “bucket” list … locations they have seen images from and at some point in their lives want to visit to capture their own image. Some of the locations are rather generic […]

2015, #3 … Foggy Mountain Morning

2015, #3 ... Foggy Mountain Morning

“Foggy Mountain Morning” Phase One DF with IQ180 back, Phase One 75-150mm lens at 115mm, 0.6 secs at f/16, iso 35 Fog shrouded golden aspen trees in the fall have always been one of my favorite visual images.  The contrast of moodiness and mystery against warm and vibrant golds just seems  so relaxing and peaceful. […]

“Little Gilson Butte”, #4 of 2014

“Little Gilson Butte”, #4 of 2014

(click to see a larger version) “Little Gilson Butte” Arca Swiss Rm3di, PhaseOne IQ180 Rodenstock 40mm HR-W, 1/ 30th at f/11, iso 35 I’ve seen some images of this location, usually with Mules Ear (a large yellow desert flower) as part of the foreground.  I was headed to Capital Reef National Park and decided to […]

“Sawtooth Spring”, #5 of 2014

“Sawtooth Spring”, #5 of 2014

“Sawtooth Spring” ArcaSwiss Rm3di with IQ180 back, Rodenstock 70mm HR-W,  1 /30th second at f/11, iso 35 The Sawtooth Range in Idaho is majestic and beautiful.  I’ve been up there a few times, and the challenge is finding a location where you can see the towering peaks because very tall pine covered foothills block most […]

“Dead Horse Point”, #6 of 2014

“Dead Horse Point”, #6 of 2014

“Dead Horse Point” Arca Swiss Rm3di/Phase One 180Q back, Rodenstock 40mm HR-W lens, 0.5 seconds at f/11, iso 35 7 shot stitch I’ve been to this location many times, and rarely do I come away without an interesting shot.  Dead Horse Point is a spectacular location with a sweeping panorama of winding and deep canyons,  carved […]

2014, #7 … The Gorge

2014, #7 ... The Gorge

Click the image to see a larger version “The Gorge” Arca Swiss Rm3di/Phase One IQ180 back, Rodenstock 40mm HR, 5.0 secs at f/11, iso 35 In October I made a trip to Oregon in hopes of getting a better shot of the famous Japanese Maple tree in the Portland Japanese Garden.  Last year I was […]

Number 8 of 2014, “September Snow”

Number 8 of 2014, “September Snow”

“September Snow” Phase One DF+ with IQ180 back, Mamiya 45mm lens, 1 /40th at f/16, iso 35 (click image to see a larger version) OK, it wasn’t September … but that’s the name of a song I like by guitarist Danny Heines, and I’ve always wanted to use it.  It was close to September. In narrowing […]

2014, #9 … “Fallen Roof”

2014, #9 ... “Fallen Roof”

 “Fallen Roof” Arca Swiss rm3di with PhaseOne IQ180 back and Rodenstock 40m HR lens, ½ second at f/8, iso 35 (focus stack) Scattered throughout the southwest are remnants of early native american inhabitants of the region, including  hieroglyphs, petroglyphs and structures or ruins as they are commonly called. Two of the more notable ones are unique […]

Let the 2014 countdown begin

Let the 2014 countdown begin

Click the image to see a larger version “Free Flow” Arca Swiss rm3Di with Phase One IQ180 back, Rodenstock 70mm HR lens, ¼ sec at f/11, iso 35 They say time seems to move faster as you get older, and through personal experience I would agree … I can’t believe 2015 is already here. As fate would […]

Queen’s Bath Victory

Queen's Bath Victory

After numerous attempts in preparing this image and almost giving up, I finally have one I like …

Drum roll … my #1 image from 2013

Drum roll ... my #1 image from 2013

So here it is … by personal favorite image of last year.

Top 10 of 2013 … number 2.

Top 10 of 2013 ... number 2.

Almost finished for another year, here is number 2 in my annual countdown. In a few days my favorite shot from 2013.

Top 10 of 2013 … and 3rd place is ..

Top 10 of 2013 ... and 3rd place is ..

“Winter at Mesa Arch” PhaseOne DF with IQ180 back Phase/Schneider LS 55mm, 0.4 seconds at f/16, iso 35 Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah is certainly one of the most iconic locations a landscape photographer can shoot.  While arches in general are great to photograph, this arch is unique in that it […]

2013 Top Ten Countdown … #4

2013 Top Ten Countdown ... #4

If you have been following my work you’ve noticed that every year at least of couple of my top 10 is a seascape, normally with a sunset. This one is a little different…

Number 5 of 2013

Number 5 of 2013

“Under the Maple” PhaseOneDF/IQ180 Back with 28mm 1.3 seconds at f/14, iso 35 Portland Japanese Gardens This small tree at the Portland Japanese  Gardens has become an iconic location over the past decade, with almost every notable photographer trying their version of it.  Normally shot in the fall with brilliant red leaves on the tree […]

Number 6 in the 2013 countdown

Number 6 in the 2013 countdown

“Evening Blues” Nikon d800e, Nikon 14-24mm at 24mm, 4 seconds at f/11, ISO 50 Abstracts are something I don’t do very often.  I see others doing them,  some look pretty cool, others not so much.  I guess I’ve always felt that part of photography is the realism it offers.  Just my opinion and I certainly […]

Best of 2013, number 7

Best of 2013, number 7

“False Kiva” Arca Swiss rm3di, PhaseOne IQ180 back, Rodenstock 40mm HR 1/30th sec at f/22, iso 35, 5 shot stitch I have seen many images of this place and I’ve never seen one which didn’t inspire some quiet reflection regarding the history and somewhat sacred feeling one gets from this view.  I’ve always wanted to check […]