“Dead Horse Point”, #6 of 2014

Deadhorse“Dead Horse Point”
Arca Swiss Rm3di/Phase One 180Q back, Rodenstock 40mm HR-W lens, 0.5 seconds at f/11, iso 35
7 shot stitch

I’ve been to this location many times, and rarely do I come away without an interesting shot.  Dead Horse Point is a spectacular location with a sweeping panorama of winding and deep canyons,  carved by the Colorado River over eons of time.  This particular morning I had an interesting sky with a magnificent blue color spread though puffy clouds … the sky really did look like this shot.

Usually I crop a little tighter, but I liked the sky so I was able to make a little longer pano.  The sun hitting the mountains far in the distance also seems to enhance the scale. (which is difficult to see on a small web image).  This is a 9 shot shot stitch, so the detail is extra fine and a large print looks really sweet.

One thing I haven’t been able to do is figure out when the river is less muddy.  I’ve tried it at all times of the year. I thought by August the runoff from the Colorado Rockies would have slowed enough to help clear up the water.  I was just there last week, and even though it’s winter and not much runoff, the water pretty much looks the same.  I’ve seen shots where it isn’t this brown and muddy looking, so I guess it happens. I’ll keep going back, so far I’ve never been there under what I would term unique and exceptional conditions. This trip I was hoping for some thunderstorms which didn’t happen, but at least there was an interesting sky.

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