Facebook fan pages … why don’t I see their updates?


Facebook has become sort of a norm for many people.  Some seem to spend far too much time, most just post some interesting things about themselves or that they see, some just hang out there and don’t post anything.  Others like myself try to use Facebook to follow things they like.  This originally was called a fan page, and this allows businesses, artists, groups, even politicians to keep their “fans” up to date on changes.

This changed at some point in two ways.  First it’s no longer called a fan page – just a “page” now, but works pretty much the same. If you want to follow it you just “like” it.  Easy right?  Well, not so fast.  To try an keep users newsfeeds under control for those having many friends and following many pages, Facebook tries to prioritize and limit what goes in the newsfeed.

Nice theory and probably a good idea, but it’s created some issues, mainly because as usual Facebook does a very poor job of explaining changes when they are introduced and helping you understand what the changes mean and what you can do if you prefer some other method of seeing your newsfeed.  Logically it would have made sense when making the change by letting you see everything, and then you select options on friends or pages to limit what you see.  What they did instead was institute some type of priority system based on content as well as how often you interacted with a page.  This means that most pages eventually fall out of favor since those are things we want to follow but really don’t interact.  So if you like following Mythbusters on facebook but never bother liking something they post, eventually you won’t see many things from Mythbusters.  Most “pages” tend to fall in this category.

Of course, I’m a little different than most, since I don’t have a lot of friends or follow many pages.  So for me to see everything and start limiting what I see would be easy. For someone with hundreds or thousands of friends and following lots of pages, perhaps it’s easier for them to enable more content than disable a lot of content.

When they enabled control of friends, pages you like didn’t see a similar control.  Over the past year, pages for companies have become less and less effective since most of what is there doesn’t show up on newsfeeds. Then they added this thing called interests and a lot of pages are promoting that as a fix, but that doesn’t really affect your news feed, it just allows you to organize things you follow.  So you could have a Photography interest list and show all your pages from photographers there, a TV interest list and show things about your favorite show – but you have to select those lists to see them.

Finally there is a new setting that let’s you choose to see all of the posts from a page you like in your newsfeed.  This should be on by default, since the act of liking a page implies you are interested and want to see their posts.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss any posts from your favorite page, you can quickly indicate it now.

The easiest way is to find the page in your newsfeed … not so easy since many don’t show up.  However, on the left side of the page now is a new option called Pages Feed. I you select this, your newsfeed will show you all the updates from the various pages you have liked.  Once there scroll down and find a page you want to make sure shows up in your main newsfeed, and hover over the page name …

Next move your pointer up into the popup window and hover over the Liked button, and you should see a choice called Get Notifications. (You can also go to the page itself by searching for it and hover over the Like button and see the same option. )  Click on that and theoretically you will be notified from now on when this page changes content.  I don’t know if this means it will show up in your newsfeed (preferable) or if it just means you’ll see a notification at the top that you click on (at least better than what it is now.)  We’ll see …


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