How about ISO 1,000,000?

Current camera ISO’s are getting pretty amazing. Camera makers are hitting a wall with resolution and are focusing on other things, such as video and low light capabilities instead. Note the change from the Canon G10’s 15mp sensor to the 10mp sensor in the G11 … the improved noise performance is not insignificant.

The reason I bring this up is a fascinating article on The Online Photographer by contributor Ctein. He’s a passionate photographer who is also a Cal Tech trained physicist and has written some fascinating things in the past. This is good reading, and he presents a pretty good case that soon cameras at ISO 64,000 will be delivering the quality of the Nikon D3s (the current high ISO champ) at 6,400, and an upper limit of 1,000,000. Sounds crazy, but it’s all based on current technologies already in development.

If you own stock in a company whose primary products involve strobes, I’d be dumping it pretty soon. Who needs flash when a 60 watt lightbulb might deliver almost noise free images?

You can read it here …The Online Photographer, Photography at the Speed of Light.

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