Marsha Fox Annual Memorial MS Fund Raiser


I have decided to use one of my better images from each year to raise money to help fight against the disease which took my wife, and affects millions of others each day.  I will use all of the same materials and techniques to create the finished pieces, but will offer them at a discount to my normal pricing for those that would like to help.  100% of all profit over my cost will be donated to the MS Society in Marsha’s name.

These will be limited edition pieces so once they are sold out, no more will be produced. In the future I plan on an image of more general interest, but for this first year I chose an image of the Salt Lake Temple, where we were married on May 29th, 1975.  I know this will probably only appeal to those who are members of our faith, but decided it would be nice way to commemorate her.

The image itself is 14”x19”, and is printed on a 17”x22” fine art paper using a high end Epson pigment printer.  It is mounted using what is referred to as a “T-hinge”, used as a way to ensure the mounting is archival and can be removed and reframed at a later date.  The frame is either a black or silver (buyers choice), with a complimentary color matt, and a small silver and black fillet to accent the edge of the matt. Anti-reflective glass is used to offer the best viewing experience, reducing reflections from the surrounding area where the print is displayed without affecting print clarity. Overall size including frame is approximately 23”x28”.  Each piece is hand signed and numbered.

My normal price for a finished print of this size unframed is $375, and my edition sizes are normally between 250 and 500. This edition will be limited to only 25 total pieces. Price (including shipping to any U.S. address) is only $225 (plus tax for Utah residents).




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