New Plugin from Adobe can speed file save times

If you are working with large Photoshop files, especially if you have many layers, disabling compression can speed the time it takes to save the file dramatically. I’ve been using uncompressed tiff format for some time because it allows saving uncompressed files  up to 4gb in size, and with my PhaseOne files in 16bit it’s pretty easy to exceed the 2gig size limit of PSD files.  For files over 4gig, there is the PSB format.  PSD and PSB formats automatically compress all files which are more than one layer … a CPU intensive operation.

If you use a Mac, (assuming a windows version is in the works) Adobe has just released a plugin which disables this compression, so anyone saving in PSD or PSB formats will see a dramatic decrease (up to 20x faster)  in the time it takes to save the file to disk.

Best spot to check this out is this article from

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  1. Thanks for the info Wayne!

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