Number 5 of 2013

131025_Portland-005189_blog“Under the Maple”
PhaseOneDF/IQ180 Back with 28mm
1.3 seconds at f/14, iso 35
Portland Japanese Gardens

This small tree at the Portland Japanese  Gardens has become an iconic location over the past decade, with almost every notable photographer trying their version of it.  Normally shot in the fall with brilliant red leaves on the tree and backlit by the sun, I’ve always admired the wonderful graphic design offered by the tree as well as the colors and textures.  I decided to give it a try this year.  The best day to shoot the tree varies quite a bit, which is typical of fall colors everywhere, and I found out a couple of days before leaving the color was a little early this year. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so  I packed up my new Jeep and headed to Portland.  It’s been a  long time since I was in the Portland area so I took a few days to shoot a couple of waterfalls, as well as head over to Cannon Beach to shoot Haystack Rock.

I drove straight to the Japanese Gardens when I arrived in Portland early in the afternoon.  The sky was gray (I hear that’s pretty normal there), but it wasn’t raining (I hear that isn’t very normal there 🙂 ). I decided to take a look at the tree before hauling the gear up there and much to my dismay most of the leaves fell off the tree the previous night. But sometimes what at first appears bad luck turns into an opportunity.  With no wind or even breeze, all the leaves fell straight down and evenly carpeted the mound under the tree. I don’t think you could get this effect even if you spread the leaves by hand. As I mentioned in the first article of this years series, the greatest captures are on days where the situation is unique and exceptional.  I headed back to get my gear and spent about 45 minutes trying a few different angles.  I like this one the best.

If you get to Portland, the Japanese Gardens are worth a visit.  I spent a few hours there, strolling through quiet paths with beautifully manicured trees and shrubs.  Here’s another nice shot I took while enjoying the afternoon. (reminder, be sure to click on the images in my posts to see a much nicer presentation and larger version)

131025_Portland-005217-Edit_blog“Stroll Through the Garden”
PhaseOneDF with IQ180 back, 75-150mm at 75mm
1.6 seconds at f/11, ISO 35, 9 shot stitch


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  1. I love this one Dad! I haven’t seen it before.

  2. I love this one too!