Number 6 in the 2013 countdown

130122_BalboaPier-0861_blog“Evening Blues”
Nikon d800e, Nikon 14-24mm at 24mm, 4 seconds at f/11, ISO 50

Abstracts are something I don’t do very often.  I see others doing them,  some look pretty cool, others not so much.  I guess I’ve always felt that part of photography is the realism it offers.  Just my opinion and I certainly have no problem with others doing them.  Maybe I just don’t see things well enough to shoot them, or maybe I just don’t have time because I’m shooting other things.

The exception is moving water.  Many do abstracts by moving the camera, but mine are pretty much limited to when the subject is moving.  My favorite time to try them is well after the sun sets while doing seascapes.  After shooting Balboa pier I hung around and tried a few shots of the surf moving in on the beach.  The resulting colors were pretty cool and I ended up with an image I really like.

I’ve been throwing a few extra shots this year which I was considering for the top 10, and it happens that the pier shot I was after on this particular shoot turned out pretty good.  It didn’t make the final 10, mainly because of another pier shot which I’ll be posting in a few days), but thought it would make a nice second image for this post.

130122_BalboaPier-0786-Edit_blog“Golden Pier”
Nikon d800e with Zeiss 35mm prime
1.6 seconds at f/16, iso 100

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  1. One of my favorites!