Number 8 of 2014, “September Snow”

141002_McClure_Keebler-006995_getdpi“September Snow”
Phase One DF+ with IQ180 back, Mamiya 45mm lens, 1 /40th at f/16, iso 35
(click image to see a larger version)

OK, it wasn’t September … but that’s the name of a song I like by guitarist Danny Heines, and I’ve always wanted to use it.  It was close to September.

In narrowing down to my top 10 I had about 5 images which were similar, a pano of a mountain range with a nice foreground. I narrowed those 5 down to 2, this being one of them. I  chose this one because I thought it had more elements going for it … the taller pines on the left balancing the mountain on the right, the peak of that mountain peeking through the clouds (sorry, unintended pun 🙂  )  This was my first trip to Colorado to shoot (even though I grew up there I haven’t been back for a very long time.)  I started out in Gunnison, then worked my way over to Marble, and took this shot as I was going up over Keebler pass on my way to Crested Butte.

I live in Utah, and though golden aspens are plentiful in the fall, it’s hard to compare it to this area of Colorado.  You can drive for hours and see very little other than mountains and forests, with aspens sweeping off in the distance.  I’m not sure which mountain that is, but it’s probably 12 to 13,000 feet high, it’s a long way from where I am and there is no direct way to get there from where I am -and nothing but aspen forests in between. You can drive for hours and see scenery like this.

I certainly enjoyed the trip, and while the weather wasn’t great (this was the final morning and first time we really had a break in the clouds), I learned a little about where to go next year.


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