“Sawtooth Spring”, #5 of 2014

Untitled-1_getdpi“Sawtooth Spring”
ArcaSwiss Rm3di with IQ180 back, Rodenstock 70mm HR-W,  1 /30th second at f/11, iso 35

The Sawtooth Range in Idaho is majestic and beautiful.  I’ve been up there a few times, and the challenge is finding a location where you can see the towering peaks because very tall pine covered foothills block most of the view from the major routes through the area.  On this particular trip I spent an entire afternoon scouting locations down some dirt roads through out the foothills, then decided to head east through the ranch and farm land and found many small patches of these lavender spring flowers growing in the fields.

Another hour and I found one which was in a perfect location to use as a foreground.  A 4 shot stitch captures all the detail in the flower petals in the foreground as well as the pine trees and peaks … another image which lends itself to a large print.  However, it isn’t a focus stack. When I took this shot I had been working with my technical camera for about a year, but I hadn’t really tried to use tilt to get depth of field.  In the spring of 2014 I began experimenting with tilt, mostly by using the “numbers”.    It’s a pretty complex process (technically referred to as the Scheimpflug principle). Not much fun, and time consuming.  I suppose had I been patient enough I might have “mastered” it, but patience with math isn’t one of my talents. In the meantime I had found a way to use Live View pretty effectively (which on a CCD medium format digital back is hard to do.)  So on this shoot, I tried using Live View to focus and adjust tilt and suddenly it all came together.  I’ve used it a few times since and have found it’s quite doable when the circumstances lend themselves to tilt for depth of field.

I spent some time trying to come up with a name for this one, finally gave up and ended up with “Sawtooth Spring”.  I would love some suggestions on a better name if anyone has one.

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