Switching to WordPress …

I’ve been using iWeb for quite some time, and although it has worked out quite well, I’ve felt somewhat limited and challenged lately. An iWeb site becomes very bloated and when you want to try tweaking elements in it … well good luck.

In looking for a new solution, I had several goals. I wanted something fairly simple and blog oriented – no Dreamweaver or full blown web site creation stuff. I wanted to be able to create posts on my iPad. I needed an app for that. I also wanted the site to look good on an iPad (and iPhone), so no Flash based site. I needed a little more control, including the ability to tweak elements. I needed a hierarchy that listed all my posts in the order they were written, but also allowed them to be broken down by category. I also wanted to integrate some true galleries, hopefully with a shopping cart. Sure I could have put links in to a smugmug type site, but I really wanted the gallery/purchasing area to look and feel like it is part of the site.

After quite a bit of research, it sounded like WordPress might be the solution. I always thought WordPress was a blog site like blogspot. com. I had no clue it is an open source software project specifically designed to create and manage blog type sites. While you can host a site at WordPress.com, you can also load wordpress on most any internet server. There are thousands of pre-built themes available, some which are well suited for a photography blog. I really liked the ones at Elegant Themes, but after doing some research I found that some of those at Graphic Paper Press work with Photoshelter so your photoshelter site looks just like your site. I decided to try this route first, just to see how things go.

It has been a long time since I did anything remotely similar to programming, but for the past few days I’ve learned quite a bit about CSS, and I’ll admit it has been fun to tweak the template to try and get a look that I like. I’m still not sure I’m happy with the look, but it’ll do for now. I may experiment a little more with it in the future. Feel free to leave a comment about the overall look. (I’m assuming someone actually reads my stuff. You know that “blogging” is really just a name for the written version of blabbing. )

This is just the first phase of my goals … once I finally settle on a “look” I’ll design a true site with a full entry page and navigation to other elements besides the blog.

I’ll leave my main site going for a while, as it has more to do with articles than blogging, but eventually I’ll move those worthy of remaining on the web (imho) over here then turn that site off for good.

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