The iPad 2 has arrived!

I’ve been accused of having an Apple tatoo on my chest.  I’ll admit it … I’m an Apple fanboy.  I’ve been one for a long time … long before there were very many (I bought my first Mac in 1986, a MacPlus with a whopping 1 megabyte of RAM).  So of course I headed down to an Apple dealer shortly before 5:00 to see if I could luck out and score a new iPad 2.  There wasn’t much of a line at the Expercomm I went to, and it didn’t take long to find out why … they had cheated and allowed customers to sign up on a list.  When they found out this was a violation of their agreement with Apple, their solution was to call those on the waiting list and tell them they had to be down to the store by 5:30 or they wouldn’t hold their iPad any longer. Not sure why they just didn’t tell them the truth … we can’t  do this so you had better come and get in line.  So while I was waiting in line, several people walked right in, grabbed an iPad or two and left.  When it came my turn, all they had left were white ones … alas what to do. (One thing I won’t do is be a customer of this store very often).

I broke down and bought the white one … I didn’t want to wait  a few more weeks.  It’s not that bad, although the black one is probably better for showing photos, the white offers a nice clean look.   It is amazingly thin … not only is the entire iPad thinner, but the edge is extremely thin.  It’s still very slick but easier to hold than the previous one without a case.  Other than the two new cameras and the thinner lighter design, the device itself appears much the same …

… till you fire it up.  It’s definitely faster.  When using Safari, if you have several pages open, moving from one to another doesn’t require reloading as it did with the previous one.  The screen redraws are noticeably faster and even some videos seem slightly smoother.

I didn’t buy the 3G one this time.  I decided to go ahead and sign up for the hot spot feature for my iPhone.  I know this means I lose the unlimited data plan, but to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever come close to the 2gb’s of data the new plan allows for the iphone, and probably won’t pass the 2gb’s for connected devices through the hotspot either.  The iPad seems just as fast using the iPhone hotspot feature rather than having built in 3G, so overall I’m saving $15 a month and saved $129 on the iPad itself.  I have the added benefit of accessing the internet with MacBook Pro through the iPhone now, which will be useful on some occasions.

Score another hit for Apple.

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